Past Projects

We are pleased to share with you some of the projects that we have been doing since ForumArts started in 2009. Have a look on our photos' archive and feel free to contact us if you want to comment on something or just start being part of our events.

Bronze Pouring event with London Sculpture Workshop

On Friday 15th July, in the middle of the ForumArts Sculpture Symposium 2016, second edition, London Sculpture Workshop offered a night…

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ForumArts Sculpture Symposium 2016

 From the 12th until the 24th of July 2016, ForumArts hold the ForumArts Sculpture Symposium.  London Sculpture Workshop, one…

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London Sculpture Conference

On September 2015 we organised the London Conference to celebrate the National Sculpture Symposium and the launch of the Symposium…

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ForumArts National Sculpture Symposium 2014

In June 2014 ForumArts organised the first National Sculpture Symposium along with partners Marshall Murray and London Sculpture Workshop at Riverhill…

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