Sun 07 May 2017

Posted by: Niina Keks


I just moved into a new studio and now I am looking for somebody who would like to share it with me!!! 

The studio itself is located on the 3rd floor of the building in Hackney Wick area and has got large windows facing south, so has got sunlight almost all day and is therefore really bright. It has white floor, ceiling and walls, which are all bouncing light. The measurements are 6 m (L) x 5 m (W) x 2.7 m (H), totalling to 30 sq m (322.9 sq ft) and 81 cubic m. Divided into two, your space would be 6 m (L), 2.5 m (W), 2.7 m (H), totalling to 15 sq m (161.5 sq ft). I have designed sliding walls on wheels, which we can use in case either of us needs privacy, but which can be slid back when not, so we can enjoy the large space. (They are not visible on the photos as I am building them at the moment.) but have a lot of freedom to curate your own environment. 

The building (5 Crown Close, E3 2JH) has got studios on 4 floors. It is opening a cafe on the ground floor very soon, which will also be open to public, so will create a nice buzz. There are toilets/sinks on each floor. There are lifts, but these don't work smile - however the stair case is really wide and it is not hard to carry things up. 

The closest station is Hackney Wick (overground), but there are also buses which can take you to central line really quickly. 

The price £295 p/m includes all the rates (electricity, water, wifi) and you would also need to pay one month deposit. 

I am very open-minded so do not have any preference to what discipline practicing artist to share with, however it would be really cool if you would like to occasionally chat about things. 

Let me know if this is something that sounds good to you, if you would like to see the space and meet me. Drop me a line or call me on 07462 345422 and we can take it from there....

Otto Pierrotto