3D Shadow Show “Cinderella” from Shadow Theatre “Delight”

Sun 24 Sep 2017

Posted by: Leo Leo


Shadow theater Delight has created a unique 3D show, that combines the art of shadow theatre and holographic projection. Artists of the shadow theatre have showed the world-famous fairy tale about Cinderella in a new interpretation, which the world has never seen before. The story, that shadow theater Delight shows, fascinates from the first second of the performance, and it's impossible to tear off the stage until the end of the performance.

For the first time, since the development of 3D technologies, the team has managed to create a unique 3D shadow theater. With the help of holographic projection, special lighting and human shadow, artists seem to dissolve on the stage, and the animation picture on the stage gives a show of unprecedented sophistication.

Read more about 3d shadow theatre https://shadowdelight.org/en/3d-shadow-theatre-delight

The history, that the artists of the shadow theatre Delight has shown, has long been known to everyone from a small age. Since childhood, every child seems to fall in love with this tale from the first frames of the cartoon or the lines of the work and endures for Cinderella until the end of the story.

With the help of human bodies, the actors of the shadow theater gather figures that surround the world of Cinderella and help her to live this story.

About Shadow theater Delight
The 3D shadow show, which has been created by the shadow theatre Delight, is currently unique in its kind. They are the first, who has connected so many genres into a single whole, which no one had ever put together before. The artists have been engaged in creativity for more than 5 years, and the accumulated experience has allowed them to create this story as beautiful and incredible. The shadow theater Delight has already traveled a lot of countries showing their art to the audience among which Portugal, France, Germany, Kuwait and many others.

Official Shadow theatre "Delight" website https://shadowdelight.org