Angela's practice centres on one of the key issues of the human condition, namely mortality. In a society in denial of death, the artist intends to engage the viewer with the themes of death, loss and grief. The intention is to re-open discourse with the aim of enlightenment/healing as these themes are often considered morbid or distasteful. Drawing on her own personal experience of loss, her work engages at a direct and intense level. Whilst the work originates from her own understanding, she expands her concepts in the philosophies of Nietzsche, Sartre and more recently Roland Barthes. The Memento Mori tropes of the 14th Century and the Vanitas paintings of the16th and 17th Centuries also provide a rich ground for exploration and response. Angela's creative vocabulary encompasses many mediums, enabling a liberated expressive response. To date pieces have included video, sound, installation, performance, sculpture and found objects.