Google Sketchup for Artists

8 October 2014 : 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Leighton House Museum, Holland Park Road

Forum is offering the opportunity of a one day course in Google Sketchup taught by Paul Hensey MSGD.
Google sketchup is the user-friendly 3D computer drawing program that enables you to visualise your ideas. Sketchup drawings can also be used to laser cut and 3D print from. We are offering a beginners course with a view to offering some progressive courses in future.

Paul Henseyis a landscape, garden designer and an experienced lecturer in Google sketchup:

About the course
A one day course on getting started in SketchUp. The day will focus on navigating through the software and the underlying principles of creating geometry and objects within 3D cad software.
SketchUp has a very simple interface and is quite intuitive but there some fundamentals that need to covered to ensure good "modelling-practice" and workflow are established and to save future pain and frustration.
Areas that will be covered:
navigating the interface and control of on screen objects
setting up a preferred interface for modelling.
creating simple rectilinear and organic shapes and objects
moving/ orientating objects and geometry
the use of layers, groups and components
getting objects from the internet
enhancing the software with "plugins"
difference between Make and Pro versions
how to import and draw over a sketch/ drawing
how to export an image/ drawing
how to export images for production/ 3D printing
simple presentation images
where to get help!

By the end of the day, students should be able  to import a drawing, create simple shapes to the required size, rotate/move shapes into position, produce simple drawings to describe an object: dimensions and elevations.

Students are welcome to bring examples of objects/shapes/geometry that they would like to model and if possible/time permits these will be demonstrated.

Please be aware that SketchUp cannot be mastered in a single day and that there are many aspects of the software that will be taught on a further day course.

Course requirements:Each student must bring their own laptop (not tablet or ipad) that they are used to working on.
You must also have a 3 button mouse.
You must have downloaded and familiarised yourself with the latest version of sketchup (free to download)
You must have basic computer competency.

Lunch is included on the price.

To book your place, please follow the link

If you have any doubt, please email to [email protected]