ForumArts Sculpture Symposium 2016 & Bronze Pouring Event

12 July 2016 – 15 July 2016 : 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Riverhill House
Riverhill House, Sevenoaks, Kent TN15 0RR, UK

We are getting ready for the second ForumArts Sculpture Symposium. 

Artists Lauren Wilson, Nathan Murphy, Nayoung Jeong, Tim Norris and Claire Mc Dermott will be working at RIverhill Himalayan Gardens from the 12th until the 23rd July creating large outdoor sculptures. Artists with different sculptural approaches, cultural backgrounds and levels of experience that we are sure they will create a good mix of working practices and skills.

Special event: Night time Bronze Pouring Event & Barbecue: 15th July. 

Join us for a live bronze pour at Riverhill Himalayan Gardens as part of the second Sculpture Symposium.
London Sculpture Workshop, one of ForumArts's partners, will be doing a Bronze Pouring demonstration in which wax sculptures, donated by the artists that participated in the first Sculpture Symposium, will be cast into bronze. This is an unique opportunity to learn the skills of the ancient ‘lost wax’ bronze casting tradition with the spectacle of pouring molten metal at night.
With this ticket you are welcome to come from 6pm onwards, explore the gardens, see the new sculptures being produced and talk with the artists.
We will be offering a barbecue with products from Romshed Organic Farm and local beer from Larkins Brewery from 7pm and at 9pm London Sculpture Workshop will be doing the Bronze pour.
Please follow the linlk to get your ticket.

If you wish to stay overnight please email [email protected]

And yes... indeed... we are extremely excited for making this happen one more time!!

Forum is a network for artists funded by the Royal borough of Kensington and Chelsea. Our main aim is to support and promote creative practice.

Riverhill, Himalayan Gardens, is a private property open to the public, with a variety of exotic plants from around the world and stunning views from the highest point in Kent.

London Sculpture Workshop is London's first open access sculpture workshop with exceptional facilities for artists/makers and those interested in making work in 3D.


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Image Lauren Wilson's proposal. Courtesy of the artist.