Bronze Pouring event with London Sculpture Workshop

On Friday 15th July, in the middle of the ForumArts Sculpture Symposium 2016, second edition, London Sculpture Workshop offered a night time Bronze pouring demonstration.

The artists from the first Symposium, back in 2014, Katie Hayward, Jane Phillips, Steve Hurtado, Sol Bailey Barker, Patrick Hurst and Ed Jones has kindly donated a small wax sculpture for casting to help ForumArts to fundraise. Julian Wild and Silvina Soria, organisers of the ForumArts Sculpture Symposium have also donated one piece each, all of them to be casted into bronze.

These bronzes were all made sing the lost wax method and were cast at Riverhill Himalayan Gardens by The London Sculpture Workshop during 2016 ForumArts Sculpture Symposium. They are all for sale at £800 each. The proceeds from each sale goes towards funding the next ForumArts Sculptue Symposium.

For enquiries please contact [email protected]

   Katie Hayward Jane Phillips

  Silvina Soria     Ed Jones

 Steve Hurtado     Julian Wild

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